What I do

I am very fortunate to have many things in my life that I feel passionate about, that I love and make me happy. I have built my own global business whilst being with my children as they have grown up, and in the last three years, I have fallen in love with the work of the charity Love Support Unite based in Malawi, for whom I am now the UK Director. None of these things things were in my original life plan; which is why I don’t plan too much anymore and have an open mind and an open heart. I get excited by new opportunites and love to share and collaborate. I love anything creative and transformational.

In terms of my credentials, I am a qualified lawyer, a global entrepreneur, baby massage and yoga expert, author, doula, pregnant and post natal massage therapist, post natal and children's yoga teacher, mentor and my most important (and cherished role) a mother. 

I have written two books on baby massage and won many awards for my work for Blossom & Berry. I am also a brand ambassador for Huggies Wipes, Tropika Mum & Baby Spa, Karma Love & have worked with the Huffington Post.

As the UK Director of Love Support Unite & Love Specs I oversee fundraising and awareness campaigns in the UK and manage our mother & baby health & wellbeing program "Growing Babies: The Little Blossoms Project".

Some of my greatest achievements are;

  • Growing Blossom & Berry to over 300 teachers across the world

  • Writing two books on baby massage

  • Creating and writing 7 teacher training courses

  • Creating my own product range

  • Launching a sister site focusing on Spainish speakers and based in Mexico

  • Establishing Blossom & Berry Italy and Mexico

  • Teaching infant massage on Huffington Post Facebook Live and being the baby massage expert for Sleepyhead at Harrods flagship nursery department opening.

  • Travelling to Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Malawi, Italy, Mexico and Dubai to teach infant massage

  • Winning various awards including Highly Commended in Business Parent of the year for Mums and Working.

  • Being a brand ambassador for Huggies Wipes and Tropika Mum & Baby Spa.

  • Speaking at many events such as the Baby Show at London NEC

  • Setting up my charitable project in Malawi which provides mother and baby education and sustainble feeding programs for over 450 mothers and babies.

  • Setting up other charitable inititatives such as Love Creates Love voluntary groups and bursary schemes to support learners who have limitations to study.

  • Becoming the UK Director of charity Love Support Unite and helping to change lives in Malawi

  • Raising almost 100k for Love Support Unite


Blossom & Berry BABY MASSAGE & YOGA

Through Blossom & Berry I have built a global network of over 250 teachers across the world teaching the benefits of nurturing touch, massage and yoga. I have branches and lecturers in Italy, Dubai, Singapore & Mexico. 

Blossom & Berry's manifesto "Love Creates Love" embodies my passion and interest in infant and maternal mental health. I believe that supporting and nurturing parents and allowing them to develop their own sense of identity enables them to respond to their children with love, understanding and empathy and teach that the world is a compassionate place. Through these actions, children’s brains develop with love and a positive emotional blueprint is created to enable children to grow, learn, adapt and adjust to the world. This early investment in mental health and the creation of secure loving bonds has the power and potential to change our perception of the world, how we live and what we do. It all starts with touch, connection and a sense of self value, worth and belonging.  

Love Creates Love is reflected in all we do; from our approach in teaching and our resources, our bursary schemes for financially challenged students, our network of voluntary Love Creates Love groups for parents to our charitable partners across the world. If love, sharing and connection is not the motivation behind a project, it does not get me excited. 

Work with me

Join the Nurture Collective and teach love as a baby massage and yoga teacher

Come on a day or weekend Nurture Retreat

Work one to one with me in in my VIP Business Mentorship Program for female entrepreneurs



Love Support Unite

In 2013 I discovered the incredible charity Love Support Unite. If there was ever an opportunity waiting for me to find it, this was it. Love Support Unite is a small grass roots charity. We empower people to elevate themselves from poverty by becoming self-sufficient. We lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a cycle of sustainability, integrating education, enterprise, nutrition and health. Our focus is Malawi, East Africa, one of the most densely populated and least developed countries in the world.

I found the charity initially as a donor with Blossom & Berry and went to Malawi to set up "Growing Babies:The Little Blossoms Project" as a volunteer. After seeing the inspirational work of Nina and Alice Pulford, the founders of the charity, I literally fell in love and knew that Malawi and the charity would always be a part of my heart and future.

My role as the UK director is to help promote and fundraise to support sustainable development in Malawi through education, farming and permaculture as well as by providing health and wellbeing projects. Our greatest achievement as a charity is the creation of a self sustainable school in the Mkuknu community in rural Malawi which is funded by the community itself through agriculture and now educates and sustainably feeds 450 children everyday. We use a 360 holistic model to tackle the causes of poverty and the community school uses our foundation of the future model which provides fresh water, health care, clean energy, nutrition, education and enterprise opportunites.

Work with me

We are always looking for more people to join us to help change lives in Malawi either as a supporter, donor or volunteer. We have grown with the support of others and with lots of love and generosity. Connection is everything to us and central to all we do.We love to partner with other companies and entrepreneurs to transform lives in Malawi so if you like what we do and feel its aligned with your ethos and values, lets meet up and talk.

For more information visit www.lovesupportunite.org


The Little Blossoms Project with Love Support Unite.

Growing Babies: The Little Blossoms Projectwas my original project that I started with Love Support Unite as a volunteer and as a part of Blossom & Berry's ethos to give something back for all my years of happiness and success from teaching nurturing touch and massage. Its aim is to provide education, training and support to women within communities in Malawi using health education, infant massage and early years education. We focus on maternal and infant mental health and wellbeing. 

The program uses infant massage classes to help provide the vital love, positive communication and attachment that babies need for healthy physical and emotional development whilst providing & empowering women with valuable skills and knowledge they can share. We also teach first aid skills and basic antenatal and postnatal health. We have created a network of teachers acting as Nurture Ambassadors who work in six different communities with over 200 women. They are now working to train other women as teachers to pass the benefits of infant and maternal health and wellbeing to more women.

We train orphanage staff how to massage the babies in their care to help provide the babies with the vital touch they need for their physical and emotional development. We have also taught hospital staff how to use massage to support children with special needs and help manage pain.

In 2016 we built a Mother & Baby Hub for women to have shelter, a place to learn and to receive health checks. We are now working towards turning this into a nursery school for children and provide adult literacy for mothers. We also support sustainable farming projects to help provide food security for mothers & babies.

Work with me

Have you got a skill you can share with babies, pre-school children or mothers? Get in touch and join one of our bi-annual volunteer trips to the projects in Malawi were you can help enhance the project.

Growing Babies:The Little Blossoms Project's overall aim is to go global and help babies, children & mothers in other countries. If you might like to help us expand, please get in touch by email gayle@blossomandberry.com



Love Specs

Love Specs changed my life! I found Love Support Unite by buying a pair of Love Specs at a festival. I loved them so much I messaged to say how incredible they were and ended up becoming a major donor and signing up to volunteer in Malawi. Love Specs are magical sunglasses that turn every light into a rainbow of hearts, perfect for festivals, birthday parties, weddings and fireworks. Their beauty lies in their message. They allow us a glimpse into the world we wish to see: one filled with love.

Love Specs have been sold on almost every continent (we're working on Antarctica!!) and have won us support from festivals such as Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury and Artists such as Rudimental. We are committed to making the best of this support and using it to make a real difference in the world.

 All profits from Love Specs are donated to help support Love Support Unite's projects in Malawi.

Work with me

Need your event to be a love fest? We can provide Love Specs for any event and also create bespoke Love Specs for you. We have wedding specs and special limited edition ones every year. Everyone loves them.Trust me.

You can buy Love Specs here