Gayle Berry

 I am Gayle Berry

Creative Visionary, Nurture Expert, Multi Passionate Entrepreneur, & TED x Speaker and Philanthropist dedicated to empowering others through love and nurturing care to impact millions. 

The Love Story Of My Life

Once upon a time there was a girl called Gayle. 

She saw the magic, creativity and freedom in the world everyday. She loved to play and had a beautiful imagination but as she grew up and listened to other people she took a turn down a path that led her into a world of structure, rules and control as a lawyer in London. She became deeply unhappy and asked for divine guidance to help her find a new path and was blessed with her daughter (and two boys) who brought her the gift of true unconditional love and joy.

She turned her back on all she knew and followed her heart to teach love across the world to parents and babies and spread more joy, peace and connection to millions. She was able to empower 1000s of others to do the same because she knew that love creates love.

She had many magical adventures along the way, met incredible humans and felt the sun on her face and the earth beneath her feet everyday. She was truly grateful for her life everyday and received so much love. She created books, films, courses, communities, charitable projects and recieved joy, abundance and wealth from it all. She was able to give back and help others with what she had recieved through philanthropic projects and contribution.

She also navigated some big challenges and chapters including sudden illness, divorce, solo parenting and revisiting childhood trauma.

She realised that she was the creator of her own reality and could choose a life of love, peace and grace. From this place her deepest desire grew, to reflect to others their greatness inside and activate their love to build connection and community across the world.

She has the most glorious life surrounded by incredible humans living in the frequency of unconditional love and compassion.

And the story continues everyday


Why Service For Love?

I believe we are all miracles. We are born as 100% love with the potential to create what we desire but through our experiences and the expectations placed on us we forget who we are and lose our way. When we remember we are 100% love then we can achieve great things for ourselves and humanity and create a connected, peaceful society.

I know that I am 100% love and what I am here to do.

I am here to impact millions through my businesses and charitable projects which are all based on love, connection and community. I have been doing this for 20 years.

I am here to share that wealth with the world, supporting my family, investing in my team and to allow it flow to so many other people.

I am here to contribute because as I receive I pass this on and pay it forward to empower others to reach their full potential.

I lead in the frequency of love, connection and nurturing  care. I love the feminine energy of the Empress and I activate wisdom through the Love Millions Academy.

The way is YOU and I am here to help you lead from that place.

You should know...

  1. I AM A LOVE ACTIVATOR AND COMMUNITY ARCHITECT-I have a community of over 4000 who I lead with love and creativity from a place of service. I help others to find the love within themselves and expand to create great things through my Love Millions Academy. 

  2. I AM A SERIAL FOUNDER-I am the founder of my seven figure wellness business Blossom & Berry with over 20 years experience of taking my local business to be the global leader with teachers across the world and 5 global branches impacting millions. I have written over 20 courses with multiple five figure launches. 

  3. I AM AN NURTURE EXPERT, AUTHOR, A TED x SPEAKER-I am an expert in parent and baby wellness. I have written numerous books, have spoken on many stages, had my own events for 100's of people, held retreats, created my own product range and launched my podcast. I have worked with global brands in my field on film, audio and in person events.

  4. I AM A PHILANTHROPIST AND CHARITY FOUNDER-I have set up a number of charitable projects across the world, I am a charity founder and I give back as part of what I do. I was awarded 10 Downing Street's "Points of Light Award" for my work in Malawi with my charity Love Support Unite

  5. I EMBODY THE EMPRESS-I hold the frequency of the queen and the lover archtype which is the Empress and I hold workshops and space for women to activate their feminine.

  6. I AM THE REAL DEAL-I have twenty years of lived experience of building a global community from scratch. I had no money, no support, no time and no idea. I learnt everything through experience, intuition and investing in myself.

  7. I AM A MOTHER- My three children are my inspiration every single day. I am completely in love with my children.

What people say...

"The remarkable Gayle Berry embodies the essence of a visionary leader, driven by a deep passion for fostering positive change within communities.

As a community architect, she possesses a unique ability to create spaces that cultivate love, unity, and meaningful connections among individuals. Her unwavering dedication to social impact is evident in her relentless pursuit of creating a world where love and compassion are at the forefront of every endeavor.

By recognising the power of community, she understands that true change can only be achieved through collective efforts and collaboration, built on a foundation of trust With her exceptional skills in building and nurturing relationships, she serves as a catalyst for transformative initiatives that address pressing social issues. By fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness, she empowers individuals to actively participate in creating a better future for all.

Her approach to social change is rooted in the belief that genuine connections and empathy are the driving forces behind sustainable progress. By placing love, community, and connection at the core of her work, she inspires others to join her in the pursuit of a more inclusive and harmonious society.

In summary, the passionate Gayle Berry, as a community architect, recognises the transformative power of love, community, and connection in driving impactful and global social change. Her unwavering commitment to fostering positive relationships and creating spaces that promote unity makes her an invaluable asset in the pursuit of a better world"

How I can help you 


I have been leading with love and creating impactful community for the last 20 years touching the hearts of millions of people. 

I built a global community from scratch with no time, money or experience because of my vision to help all humans reach their full potential through love and connection. 

I have built a 7 figure love empire, grown a community of thousands of teachers, created charitable projects to give back and impacted millions.

I went from being shy and anxious to being a TED ex speaker, You Tube presenter, best selling global author and award winning entrepreneur. All whilst being a mum of three children born in 3.5 years of each other. 

And the best thing I know about creating your vision, mission and impact: it’s learnt and then embodied through action.That’s right.

It’s my mission to help more and more people step into love leadership and impact millions with love, care and connection and have the most creative freedom doing it.

If this is what you want-join me.

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