VIP success mastery day 

One In A Million-VIP  Signature Program Mastery Day

An full day in person deep dive into who you really are, what it is you are here to do and get clarity on your brand, messaging and how to activate impact and income.


Let's work together to master your winning strategy to create success.

If you have a vision for your business that you feel you have never truly connected with or outgrown, this VIP clarity day is for you. Until you create time and space to have a deep dive into who you are, what you are here to do and how you want to serve the world, things can feel misaligned and your energy can feel be scattered and not as impactful.

Spend a day with me and get clear or who you are, what you want and leave with a business plan to activate your business. This will help you;

  • Create a unique signature program specfic to you and your essence which allows full expression with no consideration of competition. .
  • Create a whole range of products, services and experiences in alignment with your authentic self so that they are easy to promote and attract your ideal client.
  • Be the expert and through leader inspiring others, building community and set up practitioner training to create an impact ripple.

This can be done with grace, ease and flow as your invest in yourself and a team to feel supported and expand into all your desires for your business. 

One special day to get clear to create and then plan the next twelve months of expansion.

As an entrepreneur and a mentor, I totally understand the challenges....

Not giving yourself time and space to connect to who you are can block you authentically creating.

  • Do you create all the time but nothing seems to land or get grounded into a fully expressed and impactful business?
  • Do you struggle to communicate what is at the essence of your business to call in dream clients? 
  • Have you tried lots of different things, had different identities and taken different training courses and yet your business still feels disjointed?
  • Are you frustrated that you are an expert and have a wealth of knowledge but this is not reflected in impact or income?
  • Do you know how amazing you are at what you do and long to serve and support more people?

Here's the truth:

If you don't know who you are then authentic connection can feel hard.

We can master your strategy for success together. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to honour who you are, what you want and create what you dream for your life and business. When you fully embody your values, wisdom and who you are, life changes to meet you. It takes alot of energy to maintain anything that is out of alignment. When we clear to create, we choose what we desire and the excitement is magnetising for everyone.

Remember you are one in a million.

"My day with Gayle was transformational and I got a totally new direction."

full day deep dive 

One In A Million VIP  Signature Program Mastery  Day 

Work with me for the day to create the business, brand, messaging and action plan so you can expand to create more impact and income.

VIP Signature Program Day

A full 8 hour deep dive into all aspects of your life and business to activate your vision and mission for the year followed by another full day six months later to check in on your alignment and expansion. (and we get to hang out and have fun!)

1 Week Unlimited Voxer Access 

Imagine having me on hand at all times for support, nurturing care, love and mentoring, coaching and consultancy. This is it. You can lean into this Voxer space for the month so you can have me in your life and business whenever you need it.

Follow On Zoom Call

One 60-90 minute call at the end of the month to check in on how things are growing and expanding, feeling into any blocks and space for you to ask any questions that are arising. These calls are great to keep you aligned to your vision for the year.

Access To All My Courses 

Gain access to my "Share To Scale" online course which shows you exactly how I created my multiple six figure global business online with five figure launches and a global community. You will also get access to all my other resources and courses throughout the year.

How to know if this is for you;

The values behind my success mastery mentoring


Love Millions

Everything starts with love and remembering who you are. Being more of you and not less. When you love, accept, trust and honour yourself a whole new world opens up to you full of gratitude for the moment and the journey. Love everything and everyone and be 100% authentic in all you do. 


Impact Millions

Activating your potential, sharing your gifts, creating connection and building community for the wealth and peace of humanity is why we are here. We all have the potential to do incredible things to bring more joy and peace into life and to relieve pain and suffering. 


Receive Millions

You have infinite value inside you that does not need validation. You can share this value to serve others and receive wealth in return. Your presence and commitment to serving others means you can activate abundance in income, lifestyle, relationships, experiences and joy. 


Contribute Millions

As you recieve, you can contribute. You are a vessel for energy and you can redirect it where you can support and empower others. Whether it is time, experience, money or presence, there is always something valuable to contribute. 

It's time...

When you recognise yourself as a leader, everything changes. 

Self leadership is everything. When we show up for ourselves, honour ours needs and desires and say YES to what makes us feel good, our vibration and energy changes and the world reflects this to us.

If you want to create a podcast, write a book, hold an event or retreat, create coaching programs or train others to teach your gift, the first step is to know yourself and be more of you. This is true wealth, power and freedom and it travels with you wherever you go because you are developing a deep sense of trust, safety and connection with yourself. This creates relationships with others that reflects this.

Create your own training school:

"The day I spent with Gayle allowed me to take my in person business online and scale up so I could receive more impact and income. Without you I would not be here"-G

Create your own signature program:

"I have done so many things in my life but outgrown them all. Spending the day with Gayle meant I could redirect my energy into the version of me here and now. I love it!-L

Ready to create your love legacy? Choose your investment plan:

Full VIP Day-3 payments of



Full VIP Day- Pay in Full



4 Full VIP Days Over 12 Months


(save £2,000)


I would love to work with you

Hey, I'm Gayle

I believe that love creates love. Over the last 20 years I have empowered over 2000 incredible clients to create, expand, and scale their businesses from a place of love and I am here for you. 

I am the founder of Blossom & Berry, a multiple six figure global business teaching love across the world to parents and babies. Through my embodiment of love leadership and freedom, I have activated mulitple six figure organisations across the world. 

I now help other love leaders scale up their businesses to love and impact millions receiving for activating their value and contributing to humanity.


This has been a 20 year journey...

I mentor from a place of lived experience. I started my business 20 years ago after leaving my job as a project finance lawyer in the city with no time, no money, three children under three and a half years old and no idea! I learnt everything through investing in some of the greatest mentors and programs in the world and through developing and trusting my instincts as well as always keeping connected to my highest vision of love. 

I have overcome challenges in life such as abuse, serious illness and divorce through my unwavering commitment to gratitude and appreciation of the moment. Everything is here to help you and allow you to grow. We are powerful beyond measure and creators of our own reality.  

Authencity, honesty and love flows through all I do through my commitment to be 100% Gayle Berry.

I am here to serve you

Ready To Succeed Together?


Click the investment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get a welcome email and we will book in your VIP day and we will send you your pre VIP day questionaire.

2. Start creating your big vision 

We will send you a gift to your home to start creating the love story of your life and vision. Remember there are no limits in life and this is your love legacy.

3. Give yourself time

This is an investment in you and so make time and space before our day to feel into what you desire. When you leave the day you will have your signature program and a business plan to activate.


This is for you if:

  • if you want to create a signature program and amplify your thought leadership. 
  • Build a community that supports and connects through your big vision and message.
  • Train others to teach your gift to create global impact and love millions.
  • You know now is your time to step up and have greater impact and income. 

This isn't for you if:

  • You are are ready to commit to being more of you.
  • You are not willing to take action to expand, scale and build a sustainable business.
  • You are not going to value the investment you are making into yourself and receive from all the support available for you. 
  • You don't have a big vision for yourself and the world.
  • You aren't ready to trust yourself that it is all here for you. 

Growing globally...

"With Gayle's support I could grow globally creating a new branch and being a pioneer in my training and teaching. The impact will be my legacy"-S

Getting clarity on direction:

"I have so many ideas as a creative powerhouse but can't seem to channel and focus them into one signature program. Now I can and it's the best thing ever!"-R

Lets succeed together

If you would like to chat anything through before we begin, you can book a call with me below.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are a love leader

Scale up your success and call in your community 

You are here to make an impact, to serve others and create the life that you want to live. Anything else is not honouring and recognising your true potential and the joy you create. Half living is the fastest way to regret. The time is always now to activate love and to share your light with the world.

If you haven’t realised yet, the resistance and barriers to starting, growing or scaling are likely to be coming from your conditioned belief system. Once you realise you are the source of your own power and freedom, you get to choose whether to expand with love or to stay connected with limiting beliefs and old stories rooted in the past.


"Everybody needs a Gayle Day-It will transform your life and anything is possible. She just glows with love"

“It was everything we hoped and needed it to be, it will set us on a new course and importantly is ‘doable"-C


Ready to create your love legacy? Choose your investment plan:

Full VIP Day-3 payments of



Full VIP Day- Pay in Full



4 Full VIP Days Over 12 Months


(save £2,000)


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