Create The Love Story Of Your Life.

This two hour masterclass will take you through the processes to lead your life with love and create the love story of your life. 


Create the time & space to write the love story of your life and take aligned action

Life does not just happen by accident. We are the creators of our lives through our thoughts, actions and behaviours, At any time we can change the story, introduce new characters, take ourselves into new experiences and live a life of love. We are all love and part of an infinite and interconnected energy source. Anything is possible with love and it's here for you now.

This workshop is based on my popular book, "The Love Story Of My Life" and is included with the workshop. I will help you;

  • Release old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 
  • Practise forgiveness so you can let go.
  • Activate the highest energy with love and gratitude for all that is here now.
  • Create your desires for the future and design powerful affirmations around these.
  • Write the love story of your life.

This is a beauiful practice that can change your life and unlocks your potential.  

Create the time and space to be intentional in your life and open up to more love, joy and expansion.

You are a powerful creator and your thoughts create your reality as what is perceived is as it is received. 

Change the story; Remember who you are and choose your own adventure 

  • Do you find it difficult to bring what you truly desire into your life?
  • Do you get distracted and move away from your highest vision?
  • Do you believe deep down you are not deserving of what you desire and that it is not possible?
  • Do you find yourself feeling frustrated by events that happen to and around you?
  • Do you wonder how and why you are seeing the same patterns in your life over and over again?

Your thoughts create your reality:

Whatever you are looking for, you will find.

When you become clear on what you desire and see how everything is here to help you, you can activate your self leadership and start to create a deeper connection to yourself to find your truth. You came here to live a life of love for yourself anf others. 

"Gayle is the embodiment of love "


Create the Love Story Of Your Life Workshop

Two hour workshop to experience more freedom, more love and create the love story of your life with ease, grace and flow. 


Here's what you'll learn on

Create The Love Story Of Your Life.

Part 1

Letting Go & Releasing The Past

Time to let go of the stories of the past and be here now. Clear to create. 

Part 2


Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to experience more peace and love. 

Part 3


Gratitude brings you into the here and now. It has one of the highest frequencies for manifestion and transformation.

Part 4

Desires & Who You Are

Activate your power as a creator with a clear vision of what you desire. 

Create your dream life and feel it into reality

The Life You Desire & Love Is Here Now....

  • Life is here to be enjoyed. We can block this with our thoughts of lack, scarcity or wanting to be somewhere else.
  • This moment is all we have so how we feel moment to moment creates our lives. With more awareness of this, we can shape our stories.
  • Freedom comes from letting go and you can experience instant release and joy when you decide it's time. 
  • Creating the love story of your life and then checking your actions against it helps you create alignment and change in your life. 
  • What you are seeking is seeking you. There is a deeper meaning to what we are experiencing and we can grow through learning. 


"A day with you is pure gold and lifechanging! I have my path ahead and I am so excited"-Tasha


"You always encourage me to be the best version of myself and go for gold. Since I met you my whole life changed."

Ready to write the love story of your life:




  • Guided Two-Hour Pre-recorded Workshop with Gayle Berry.
  • Digital copy of my journal "The Love Story Of Your Life"

You will receive your very own digital copy of "The Love Story Of Your Life" 

The Love Story Of Your Life Manifestion Journal.

This is the Love Story Of Your Life in your hands. 


I would love to work with you

Hey, I'm Gayle

I believe that love creates love. Over the last 20 years I have empowered over 2000 incredible clients to create, expand, and scale their businesses from a place of love and I am here for you. 

I am the founder of Blossom & Berry, a multiple six figure global business teaching love across the world to parents and babies. Through my embodiment of love leadership and freedom, I have activated mulitple six figure organisations across the world. 

I now help other love leaders scale up their businesses to love and impact millions receiving for activating their value and contributing to humanity.


This has been a 20 year journey...

I mentor from a place of lived experience. I started my business 20 years ago after leaving my job as a project finance lawyer in the city with no time, no money, three children under three and a half years old and no idea! I learnt everything through investing in some of the greatest mentors and programs in the world and through developing and trusting my instincts as well as always keeping connected to my highest vision of love. 

I have overcome challenges in life such as abuse, serious illness and divorce through my unwavering commitment to gratitude and appreciation of the moment. Everything is here to help you and allow you to grow. We are powerful beyond measure and creators of our own reality.  

Authencity, honesty and love flows through all I do through my commitment to be 100% Gayle Berry.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to love

1. Join The Session

Click the enrolment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will the details of how to access the training.

2. Make time to do this in your diary

It's up to you to take the training so make time by adding it to your diary. The love story of your life is waiting for you.

3. Write The Love Story Of Your Life

Finally get on the path to alignment and more love in your life. 


This is for you if:

  • You want to change your narrative. 
  • You want to create a life you love.
  • You want to have fun and create some magic together. 

This isn't for you if:

  • You don't believe in magic 
  • You don't want to live a life of your wildest dreams. 
  • You aren't ready for change. 


"You are magic and you have an ability to make everything seem possible, doable and fun. Thank you thank you."


"When you came into our organisation you brought magic and changed everything. We found the right path and everything started to flow."

The Love Story Of Your Life Is Waiting For You 

Come and play and create some magic. This is what life is about. Living in the wonder and the awe. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's your time to do the thing you want to do.

Imagine that you woke up and all your dreams came true. This moment is a not a dream. It can be your reality.

I believe we are here to create love and that starts with you creating the love story of your life. Your growth and expansion helps everyone when you desire to live a life of kindness, compassion and service. 


"Gayle cares deeply about her clients and she always goes the extra mile to support them"


"Gayle is an amazing leader and has built a community on her values. She has had incredible success and changed so many lives. Working with her is a dream"

Ready to write the love story of your life:

Pay in Full


  • Guided Two-Hour Pre-recorded Workshop with Gayle Berry.
  • Digital copy of my journal "The Love Story Of Your Life"

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