Build Your Own Successful Training School

Two day one to one training in person which will give you a blueprint to create your own training school and the steps and systems to activate your global community and vision based on my embodied wisdom from 20 years experience in this field. 


It's time to build your legacy... 

Learn with me what you need to do to activate your own training school and build your global community of teachers, practitioners or facilitators. 

This two day immersive training is based on my 20 years of experience building and scaling my own global wellness business with a community of over 2000 teachers world wide. On this training you will learn:

  • To create a clear vision, brand message, mission and manifesto to scale with clarity and ease. 
  • Which business model to choose to give you the lifestyle you desire with the impact and transformation for your clients. We will look at the options of training, licensing and franchise. 
  • To create a course blue print so you can build your course with ease with all the learning objectives covered. 
  • How to launch with ease and look at how to offer your training all year round as evergreen and as special promotions.
  • How to nurture your community for sustainable growth.
  • How to include product ranges, events, retreats, books and other community and brand building activities.
  • How to ensure your training business is inclusive to all and connected to social justice and equity,

This two day training will give you everything you need to get started and you will leave with a plan to activate plus lots of creative inspiration

Investing in the blueprint of your training school means that it will flow and grow with ease and create connection and joy for everyone.

I have seen many people activate training schools without a clear blueprint and it can create confusion, stress and disappointment.

Create a clear vision, choose a successful training model and master scaling.

  • Do you want to create more impact in the world but don't know where to start scaling through training?
  • Have you started to scale and it feels misaligned, messy and you have concerns about the structure you have chosen?
  • Would you like to train people more often, take your training online, train more people at one time or have more training remotely so you can be free to develop the business?
  • Have you been going backwards and forwards on this idea and can't commit to activating it because it seems too big to handle?

I have the solution:

I built my succeesful six figure global training business with little time or money through experience and I will share everything I know with you.

Save yourself time, energy, stress and money by understanding what you need to know to get started on your training business through my in depth training. Create a business that feels exciting and in alignment with who you are and what you desire.

"Gayle's support is what has enabled me to create my training business. Without her, this would not be happening."


LEGACY-Build Your Own Successful Training School

Train with me to cover all your need to know to create and build your training school based on 20 years of lived experience of growing a global teacher training business from scratch. You don't even need to have started your business. Training others has the power to impact millions so if you want to create a legacy and build community, this is the way.

Proven roadmap to success and training school mastery

I will share with you how I built my global teacher training business and together we will create a road map for your own business.

Q&A sessions with Gayle on any aspect of your business

There will be plenty of time for Q & A and sharing ideas on scaling, branding, vision and other aspects of business.

Take home your own Legacy Blueprint for your business ready to activate.

You will receive their own Legacy Blueprint workbook to so you can activate your plan.

Here's what you'll learn

LEGACY-Build Your Own Successful Training School

Session One

Brand & Program Defination

If you don't understand your brand mission and message then others won't. Get clear on your why to call in your community and lead your business. 

Session 2

Business & Training Model

Discover what is the aligned business model for you. This is absolutely essential for success. Create your ideal client and plan for your launch.

Session 3

Creating a transformational courses and learning experiences. 

I have written over 20 courses. Learn the structure of building a course with all the extra surprise and delight elements to create loyal and committed practitioners. Learn about social equity and diversity. 

Session 4

Launching & Creating Sustainable Sales.

Master sales and launching so that you have a flow of enrolments in your business all year around and create additional courses to upsell.

How does this sound?

The best investment is creating a successful training business that grows and flows.....

  • Avoid making mistakes in your business model.
  • Have happy teachers and practitioners who want to support you and stay connected to your community.
  • Know what team and support you need to grow your business with ease. 
  • Have the confidence to do this by learning from my experience.
  • Save time and energy not trying to figure it all out yourself. 

Gayle is magic

"Gayle encouraged me to create my own training school and its been incredible. I now have a community of over 200 teachers in just a few years"

So much impact in so little time

"I have been able to activate a whole new brand of training based on years of experience which finally feels aligned and powerful. I am so excited."

Ready to create your legacy? Join me on this intimate training:

One to One - 2 Day VIP Live Training at AllBright London

Bookable on demand


  • Two days full training with me at AllBright London.
  • Legacy Blueprint Workbook  
  • Lunch and refreshments on both days.
  • All my knowledge from the last 20 years downloaded for you to access one to one.


Scale Up Supper Club Invitation

Meet me in my exclusive club in Mayfair six month later to check in with your progress and ask any questions on how your training school is expanding . 


I would love to work with you

Hey, I'm Gayle

I believe that love creates love. Over the last 20 years I have empowered over 2000 incredible clients to create, expand, and scale their businesses from a place of love and I am here for you. 

I am the founder of Blossom & Berry, a multiple six figure global business teaching love across the world to parents and babies. Through my embodiment of love leadership and freedom, I have activated mulitple six figure organisations across the world. 

I now help other entrepreneurs build their legacy through love, leadership and building their own training schools.  

This has been a 20 year journey...

I mentor from a place of lived experience. I started my business 20 years ago after leaving my job as a project finance lawyer in the city with no time, no money, three children under three and a half years old and no idea! I learnt everything through investing in some of the greatest mentors and programs in the world and through developing and trusting my instincts as well as always keeping connected to my highest vision of love. 

I have overcome challenges in life such as abuse, serious illness and divorce through my unwavering commitment to gratitude and appreciation of the moment. Everything is here to help you and allow you to grow. We are powerful beyond measure and creators of our own reality.  

Through my training school I have impacted so many people across the world, created charitable projects, brought more love and joy until the world and I live the most beautiful life in love with what I do everyday.


This is for you if:

  • You want to start or scale with a training business and have a global community of practitioners across the world.
  • You are ready for more.
  • You are looking for a blueprint to start your training business and you want it to be easy and simple. 

This isn't for you if:

  • You don't want to take action.  
  • You are not ready for the next level. 
  • You are not excited about creating a global impactful community sharing your passion. 

Let's build your successful training school together and create your legacy ?

Enrol today and create and build your training school with ease under my care and mentorship. 


Real talk, my friend

This is success is waiting for you.

I have pretty much done everything in the teacher training space. I have written over 20 courses, starting charitable projects, held retreats, run events, written books, have over four global branches. I love my business hard and I will help you to feel this way too. My business has impacted over half a million babies worldwide and continue to grow. A huge part of what I do is contribution and I encourage all my clients to give back and build in a way to reach vulnerable members of society through their work.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:
  • Global community of practitioners. 
  • A wealth of income and impact.
  • A legacy business with a freedom led lifestyle.
  • The joy of seeing your vision for transformational being activating everyday in the world through your community. 
Ready to create your legacy? Join me on this intimate training:

One to One - 2 Day VIP Live Training at AllBright London

Bookable on demand


  • Two days full training with me at AllBright London.
  • Legacy Blueprint Workbook  
  • Lunch and refreshments on both days.
  • All my knowledge from the last 20 years downloaded for you to access one to one.

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