Elemental Empress Embodiment Experience 

Step into creative feminine leadership and journey into the dark and take radical responsbility for the reactions and resistance that is limiting your expansion. 

Raise your awareness and wisdom by clearing out the choas and creating a grounded and centrered way of life in balance.  

Come into union with the elements and the Empress Archetype serving humanity.


Become the creator of your life and be in service to humanity with the Empress Archetype. 

The Empress is a creator working in harmony with all around her. She creates prosperity for herself and others for the highest good of all. She honours the elements, the Earth, the magic and mystery of life and wants to spritually awaken to deepen her connection to all.

She is a combination of the feminine archetypes of the Queen and the Lover.

Aspects of the Empress include;


Activating the Empress in you enables you to step into leadership in your life and business.

We work with devotion practice, ritual, cards and inner awareness to remember who you truly are.

The journey with Empress is unique and unfolds in the mystery. 

Work with the elements, devotion and embodied expression to activate your leadership.

The Way Of The Empress Is Truth.

This is a journey to discover who you are.

  • Understand ceremony and daily ritual to bring more magic andf mystery in your life. 
  • Understand how to come into union with yourself and balance your elements.
  • Connect to your guides and ancestors and trust the unknown path. 
  • Integrate shadow aspects of yourself through radical responsiblity and loving all parts of you.
  • Release fear, be fully with yourself to bring yourself into wholeness.
  • Create magic from the unknown.

Here's the truth:

We are here to co create for the highest good of all.  

Nurturing care for yourself and the collective brings fulfillment, contentment, balance and harmony. The Empress enables you to step into your feminine leadership and create a legacy of love.

Lead from a place of service and create for personal freedom for you and collective liberation.

"Gayle is such an inspiration. Working with her creates deep transformation."


Elemental Empress Embodiment Experience 

Understand the magic of the Empress Archetype and step into nurturing, harmonious and creative leadership. This experience is about trust, letting go and stepping into the mystery of life. This is about who you truly are and not what you need to do.

Two hour deep dive Empress Opening Ceremony.

Start your journey with the Empress with a deep dive two hour opening ceremony to create your connection, altar, rituals and set your intention. We can discuss if you wish to connect with plant medicine on your journey. 

Six Intutive Card Guidance Transmissions

I will tune into your energy and connect with a card to give guidance each week. I use a variety of decks so you can feel what is right for you. This helps you to start to trust your awareness and intuition.

Three 90 minute ceremonies on Zoom

Each 90 minute ceremony allows you to release, let go and create in harmony. The ceremonies use a mix of breath, journaling, contemplation and ritual to connect in. 

Voxer Access Once A Week 

Open Voxer access for us to connect between ceremony once a week where you can share your feelings and reflections on your journey. You are not alone.

How to know if this is for you;

The Values Of The Empress



Everything starts with love and remembering who you are. There is no seperation between you and anything else. When you embody this everything changes as you awaken to the realisation that everything is connected. 



As human beings we have a sensual experience on Earth. We are here to enjoy pleasure. Pleasure creates the frequency of joy and ecstasy. The Empress welcomes this fully. 



The Empress is about union to create for personal joy and collective happiness. She is always creating and birthing ideas.



As you recieve, you can contribute. You are a vessel for energy and you can redirect it where you can support and empower others. Whether it is time, experience, money or presence, there is always something valuable to receive and contribute. 

It's time...

When you recognise yourself as the Empress, everything changes. 

Self leadership is everything. When we show up for ourselves, honour ours needs and desires and say YES to what makes us feel good, our vibration and energy changes and the world reflects this to us.

Express yourself, amplify your gifts, share your medicine and step into knowing yourself at an elemental level.

This is true wealth, power and freedom and it travels with you wherever you go because you are developing a deep sense of trust, safety and connection with yourself. This creates relationships with others that reflects this.

Create your own training school:

"The day I spent with Gayle allowed me to take my in person business online and scale up so I could receive more impact and income. Without you I would not be here"-G

Create your own signature program:

"I have done so many things in my life but outgrown them all. Spending the day with Gayle meant I could redirect my energy into the version of me here and now. I love it!-L

Ready to create? Choose your path:

6 week Empress Activation


Clear the choas and expand into clarity and light


Ready to walk the path?

I'm Gayle. I am the Elemental Empress.

Lead with love, compassionate and nurturing care for yourself and others in all you do.

I believe that love creates love. Over the last 20 years I have empowered over 2000 incredible clients to create, expand, and scale their businesses from a place of love and I am here for you. 

I am the founder of Blossom & Berry, a multiple six figure global business teaching love across the world to parents and babies.

Through my embodiment of love leadership and freedom, I have activated mulitple six figure organisations across the world. 

I now help other love leaders scale up their businesses to love and impact millions receiving for activating their value and contributing to humanity.


This has been a 20 year journey...

I mentor from a place of lived experience. I started my business 20 years ago after leaving my job as a project finance lawyer in the city with no time, no money, three children under three and a half years old and no idea! I learnt everything through investing in some of the greatest mentors and programs in the world and through developing and trusting my instincts as well as always keeping connected to my highest vision of love. 

I have overcome challenges in life such as abuse, serious illness and divorce through my unwavering commitment to gratitude and appreciation of the moment. Everything is here to help you and allow you to grow. We are powerful beyond measure and creators of our own reality.  

Authencity, honesty and love flows through all I do through my commitment to be 100% Gayle Berry, the Elemental Empress.

Growing globally...

"With Gayle's support I could grow globally creating a new branch and being a pioneer in my training and teaching. The impact will be my legacy"-S

Getting clarity on direction:

"I have so many ideas as a creative powerhouse but can't seem to channel and focus them into one concept. Now I can and it's the best thing ever!"-R

You are the Empress

Serve from a place of love, nurturing care and creativity and call in your community 

You are here to make an impact, to serve others and create the life that you want to live. Anything else is not honouring and recognising your true potential and the joy you create. Half living is the fastest way to regret. The time is always now to activate love and to share your light with the world.

If you haven’t realised yet, the resistance and barriers to starting, growing or scaling are likely to be coming from your conditioned belief system. Once you realise you are the source of your own power and freedom, you get to choose whether to expand with love or to stay connected with limiting beliefs and old stories rooted in the past.


"Everybody needs a Gayle Day-It will transform your life and anything is possible. She just glows with love"

“It was everything we hoped and needed it to be, it will set us on a new course and importantly is ‘doable"-C


Lets create together

If you would like to chat anything through before we begin, you can book a call with me below.


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