Love Activism-Leadership To Love The World Forward

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I believe entrepreneurship is a force for good in the world and how we can create more peace, unity and harmony through transforming suffering and creating more joy and connection.

The core principles of creating a conscious business with purpose that creates love, impact, abundance and contributes to the world elevation are covered in this course based on my 20 years in business with a generousity and contribution based business and as a co founder of a charity and other philanthropic projects.

Understand the Four Levels of Love Activism:

  • Authentic & True Love For Yourself

  • Love & Deep Service For Others

  • Loving The World Forward Through Collective Healing

  • Love & Unity Worldview Restoration

Love starts with you because you are love and so is everything else. You are the problem and the solution. Can you allow yourself to expand with this knowing and embodiment?

Be a Love Activist, understand entrepreneurship as a force for good and love the world forward.