My 5 top beliefs which make up my mindset.

  1. You create everything in your life. Everything is a product of the choices you make. Anything you have in your life that makes you happy you choose and anything that makes you unhappy you choose too. You have the power to change most things; it’s fear that keeps us in choices and situations we don’t like and nothing else.
  2. What you focus on becomes your reality. Let go and forgive any people who have hurt you. Don’t give them your attention and energy. They will disappear when you put your attention elsewhere. Your attention keeps them in your life. When you dwell on things you just keep yourself in the place you don’t want to be. Let go of arguments, whether you are right or wrong. If it does not make you happy (and I mean easy, simple happy), I would let that go even if it seems hard and difficult. Life can be hard but it’s not meant to FEEL hard and relationships that need alot of work are probably not aligned anymore. The most challenging situations can be overcome with the right love and support but equally can arise from the wrong kind of love and disconnection.
  3. You can’t control anything so don’t try. Just do your best and be the best version of yourself. Be kind as much as you can. Help other people and live a good, peaceful and contented life. The rest is out of your control so you have to trust that everything is working out the way it should.
  4. Don’t rush. Don’t push. Don’t complain. Acknowledge all emotions and sit with them to see what they are telling you but don’t expect them to stay. Your mindset is powerful and can take you from a state of despair to a state of hope in a matter of hours. The only guarantee you have is that everything changes all of the time. Recognise, acknowledge and value what you already have and what you receive on a daily basis. It is likely to be much more than someone else. If your days are happy and healthy, they are good days. It’s only from a place of gratitude that I believe you can grow.
  5. Always trust your heart or your gut or wherever you feel and hear your intuition. So many times in my life I have had a clear message to either do something or not or that someone is right or wrong in my life. When I have ignored my intuition, I get a message very clearly that I need to listen up and learn.  If you are not sure how to connect with your intuition, spend some time alone doing something that gets you in a flow state. Mine is often driving, or riding my bike or walking or dancing or drawing. When you connect with your subconscious, you will be amazed at what is revealed. Trust, trust, trust.
  6. Connect with nature as much as you can. It really puts everything in perspective and makes you realise that we are are connected.


Gayle xx

P.S Does this resonate with you?

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