I am Gayle Berry & I am a Love Creator 

Big title I know, but I have been on some pretty amazing adventures and had some life changing experiences all created from love. I started my life as a lawyer in the city of London. I quickly realised that this was not my path and luckily I fell in love with a wonderful man and had my beautiful children in quick succession (3 children in three and a half years!). That was the start of my transformation. In becoming a mother, I felt a deep sense of happiness and connection and I discovered and embraced my true passion in life as a natural nurturer and love creator.  Since that day, I have been on a mission to spread the message that Love Creates Love through all that I do.


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My belief that that Love Creates Love is a simple one; Love is the best investment you can make at anytime, for anyone, anywhere. When you love, look after and nurture yourself, you feel better, more positive, energetic and happy. When you love others and act with love, you create relationships defined by positive communication, understanding and compassion. When we all interact with love, people come together and BIG things can happen like positive social change, freedom and justice. And this all stems from touch & connection, the cornerstones of physical and mental health.





For the last 16 years I have discovered and explored many opportunities to share my Love Creates Love message by promoting the power of love and connection through my work as an international expert and author on baby massage and yoga, founder of Blossom & Berry Baby Massage & Yoga Teacher Training and more recently as the UK director of Love Support Unite and Love Specs.

My focus is to help create a more empathetic, connected and compassionate world through my teaching, mentoring and projects with clients, partners & supporters. I would love you to join me, so please get in touch and connect.